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Performance Dance Classes

Maybe your dream is to dance the lead in a Broadway show, high-kick with the Rockettes, tap on a Disney stage, strut your stuff as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, or perhaps you’d rather dance your way through college on a dance scholarship! The dance company at Texarkana Dance Academy prepares students for just such experiences.

Many dance schools focus on either ballet or competitions only. TDA is UNIQUE in its ability to serve both areas. Our dancers can perform exciting energetic jazz and hip hop, rhythmic tap and precision pom, emotional lyrical routines for competition; then they can put on pointe shoes and execute classical ballet that will take your breath away!

Our Teams



  • Class Recommendations

    Our expert faculty will give you advice on which technique classes to take

  • Unlimited Classes

  • Minimal Travel

    Dance in local competitions and community events. Will compete in at least 1 out of town competition.


AGES 10+

  • Proven Structure

    Take the technique classes that will take your dancing to the next level!

  • Unlimited Classes

  • Lots of Exposure

    Attend conventions, workshops, master classes, local competitions, and may include travel to Hot Springs, Little Rock, or Dallas

What you’ll get with Texarkana Dance Academy

  • Healthy Body & Mind

    Dancing is a whole body workout that’s fun! It’s good for your heart, it makes you stronger, and it can help with your balance and coordination.

  • Great Music & Costumes

    We hand-pick every piece of music and costumes to tailor it specifically for each class.

  • Creative & Fun People

    Our staff will not only prepare you for great success as a dancer, but we will have fun doing it!

Tuition and Fees

Annual Fees

Registration Fee (Per Family)

$ 55

Recital Fee (Per Student)

$ 100

Monthly Fees

Intro Experience

$ 139-195
Per Month
  • 2-3 Classes of Dance Each Week

Explorer Experience

$ 240
Per Month
  • 3 Classes of Dance Each Week

Ultimate Experience

$ 240-281
Per Month
  • 4-5+ Classes of Dance Each Week