Combo 3

Dance Combo 3 is a Ballet and a Tap combination class that introduces the basic fundamentals of each genre while also incorporating, musicality, stretching, coordination, creative expression and respect for other. This class will introduce the young dancers to the steps and grace of ballet and the rhythm of tap.

Texarkana Dance Academy’s Creative Dance Program utilizes age appropriate music, terminology, fun and games to teach basic skills in classical ballet, and traditional tap. All dance classes perform in recitals and storybook ballets at the end of the year and Dance Combo Levels 2-4 also dance at Mistletoe Fair. All classes will have small group in person options as well as an online class available. If you are interested in the online classes please contact us for more information.



  • Age:


  • Instructor:

    Aubrey M.

  • Attire:

    Purple leotard with attached skirt, pink tights

  • Hair:

    bun or pony tail

  • Shoes:

    Girls: Tan tap shoes, pink ballet shoes

    Boys: Black tap shoes, black ballet shoes


Our Commitment

Texarkana Dance Academy is committed to to providing the best experience for your dancer


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